YES Fall Conference

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A two-day leadership experience, where youth environmental leaders from around the Front Range will…

  • Participate in hands-on stewardship and fun outdoor activities in small groups
  • Explore future academic and career opportunities
  • Take their leadership skills to the next level
  • Make new friends, and have fun outside!


Cal-Wood Education Center near Jamestown, CO

(Transportation provided if needed)


9am October 8th – 1pm October 9th



Participation in the conference is free!

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A look at the 2019 conference

The second annual Youth Exploring Stewardship Conference was held on October 5-6, 2019 at Cal-Wood Education Center outside Jamestown, Colorado. The conference was free and open to high-school-aged youth who were already involved in stewardship and environmental leadership or who were interested and looking to learn more.

I’m really glad that I’m here b/c I don’t have the chance to go outside like this much with my parents.

2019 Conference Participant

The YES Conference focused on connecting diverse youth, giving youth the tools and resources to take their engagement to the next level, and building a regional culture of stewardship. Youth had the chance to lead one another in forestry work, met with and learned from professionals in a variety of relevant fields, and participated in workshops on topics ranging from natural resource career awareness to mental health.

Because the YES Coalition is focused on meeting the real needs of young people, the conference agenda was determined with input from youth themselves and the lessons learned from the 2018 conference. With 16 organizations involved in the coalition, we were able to solicit feedback from a diverse range of young people.

This is a pretty good way to spend a Saturday night.

Yeah, much better than anything else I’d be doing.

2019 Conference Participants

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