The Youth Exploring Stewardship (YES) Coalition is a group of 15+ organizations who are located in or working along Colorado’s Front Range and who engage youth in environmental stewardship. While such a network has long existed for stewardship organizations statewide, youth organizations have been largely compartmentalized or participating in small-scale collaboration. The YES Coalition was initiated in the spring of 2017 by Wildlands Restoration Volunteers to bridge that gap with the intent of establishing best practices, determining opportunities for partnership, and maximizing our impact through collaboration.

YES Coalition Member Benefits

  • free access to YES Coalition trainings
  • youth from your organization can participate for free in YES events
  • access to our Google Drive full of resources
  • you are helping to support the work of the coalition and our ability to grow stronger and provide more opportunities for youth and partners
  • access to stipends (up to $250) to support coalition-related events for youth

Interested in Joining the YES Coalition?

YES Coalition members are asked to contribute $100 annually to gain access to these great resources and to help our coalition continue to run. If your organization isn’t able to contribute financially but you’d like to be involved, please reach out. We are happy to work with you—there are many ways to contribute if this isn’t possible for you right now. Reach out to the YES Coalition Leadership Team ( for more information.

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